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EnergyOps Projects Save Energy, Increase Comfort

Through our EnergyOps program, we’ve undertaken a number of workplace projects at Cisco facilities that have saved both energy and costs, while increasing our employees’ comfort.

Virtual containment in labs and data centers

Cisco has implemented a new energy-saving technology called virtual containment, which can be used in both labs and data centers.

These “invisible” containment systems balance static pressure beneath raised floors. Specially designed tiles deliver “turbulent” air, which travels in multiple directions and is better able to break down thermal barriers.

Virtual containment systems provide a flood of cold air in the cold aisles and enhanced directional airflow directly to the racks. Our first virtual containment system, which was installed in one of our San Jose labs in 2016, is expected to reduce the lab’s energy consumption by 324,000 kWh annually. We are currently identifying more locations where we can install this technology.

Comprehensive building energy project

In 2017, we worked with our landlord and utility provider to identify opportunities to save energy at two of our field sites in southern California. Based on the findings, we implemented three energy conservation measures:

  • Replaced all fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps in the building with LED lamps
  • Rejuvenated the coils on air-cooled rooftop systems to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption
  • Added variable frequency drives (VFDs) to our rooftop systems. VFDs slow down the fans when less heating or cooling is needed, reducing the systems’ overall electricity demand

These measures are estimated to save over 600,000 kWh and US$85,000 in utility costs per year in these two buildings, with a simple payback of under three years. We also received a utility incentive from our electricity provider for completing these projects and verifying the energy savings.

Solar window film

Window film projects reduce solar heat gain. The benefits? They lower electricity demand in the building, extend the HVAC’s capacity during particularly hot days, and improve occupant comfort.

We have implemented window film projects at many of our facilities, especially at our headquarters campus in San Jose. We selected the best product for our sites based on film appearance, cost to install, glare reduction, and energy savings.

We installed window film on 24 buildings, resulting in 5.4M kWh of energy savings and $773,000 in utility cost savings per year, with a simple payback of 3.2 years. We also received an incentive from our local utility provider for completing the project and verifying the energy savings.

There were some additional benefits conferred by the project, as well. Occupants reported improved working conditions, increased use of office space closer to the exterior, and reduction of glare without a noticeable loss of natural light.

Employees make it green

Global program empowers employees to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Meet our “green teams”

Cisco employee volunteers work to reduce energy use, waste, and travel.

Reducing energy use in factories

A pilot program shows how big data can drive energy efficiency in our supply chain.