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Clean water for everyone forever

About 1.8 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water, and more than 840,000 die from water-related diseases each year. Water For People’s goal is to provide safe water and sanitation for 4 million people in nine countries. The organization is using technology to create sustainable water programs and improve data collection, monitoring, and reporting.

Technology provides valued transparency

Failure rates for water projects can be as high as 60 percent. One reason is that creating and sustaining viable projects requires good data. But data is almost impossible to collect in remote, impoverished areas. By the time someone manually gathers data, analyzes, and reports it, conditions may have changed.

  • Field Level Operations Watch (FLOW) is a mobile application, developed with Cisco support, that collects, manages, and analyzes data on water distribution points, such as wells and pumps
  • In 2012, FLOW was transferred to the Avko Foundation; with Cisco support, FLOW was reengineered as an open source platform that more organizations can use to support project work
  • Today, FLOW is used by over 250 organizations in over 40 countries

Measuring progress inspires donor confidence

Water For People calls its model Everyone Forever, which captures its vision of providing lasting access to safe water and sanitation. “Lasting” means sustainable—a priority for donors and government agencies.

With Cisco support, Water For People developed EF Tracker, an interactive dashboard that visualizes performance of water projects.

  • Using EF Tracker, Water for People monitors projects until water service in a district is sustainable
  • EF Tracker provides a comprehensive view of what’s happening in each country over time
  • Analytics help partners and stakeholders collaborate on programs that can improve outcomes
  • EF Tracker provides the kind of transparency that fosters donor confidence and long-term commitment
  • According to the data gathered with EF Tracker, Water For People has seen a 38% increase in sustainability of water systems in its network since 2012

Progress in India

In the district of Patharpratima, India, population 346,000, Water For People is making progress toward providing safe water and sanitation for everyone, forever. Data points are as of 2016.

  • 94% of communities have adequate water service

  • 100% of communities have sustainable water service

  • 90% of residents are satisfied with their water

In being open about what we are doing and creating the conditions for feedback, we believe we will become a better organization with the ability to affect real and lasting change.

Eleanor Allen, CEO, Water for People

Clean water is a right, not a privilege

To Water For People CEO Eleanor Allen, lack of safe water is a problem she needs to solve.