Corporate Social Responsibility

We empower social change agents with technology and expertise. Our goal: Accelerate global problem solving to benefit people, society, and the planet.

Our impact

Stronger working together

Stronger working together

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives drive partnerships that scale results and solve global problems.

CSR priorities

CSR priorities

We measure our success by how we positively impact people, society, and the planet.

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20 years of changing worlds

20 years of changing worlds

Cisco Networking Academy is changing lives, businesses, and economies with IT education.

What’s a global problem solver?

What’s a global problem solver?

We identified six inherent qualities in people who take on global problems.

Passion for IT offers new path

Passion for IT offers new path

Very few careers were available to Luis Alfonso. Discovering technology changed his life.

Malaria treatment goes mobile

Malaria treatment goes mobile

Using mobile phones and SMS messaging, Ugandan woman help community as healthcare agents.

Emergency networks and expertise

Emergency networks and expertise

People depend on their devices, making communications critical in emergency situations.

Mastering math with pictures

Mastering math with visuals

Cisco helps scale social entrepreneur’s innovative approach to learning math.


CSR Report 2017

Discover Cisco’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, priorities, and performance.

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Measurable impact

Our goal is to make a measurable impact on people, society, and the planet—and we are well on the way. We’re expanding access to quality education worldwide. We contribute millions of dollars annually to social change agents who are addressing global challenges. And our efforts to make Cisco environmentally sustainable help preserve the planet.

  • Built business, digital skills

    1.6 million people have obtained new jobs due to their participation in Cisco Networking Academy

  • Our contributions

    154 million+ people positively impacted, as reported by our nonprofit grantees

  • Reducing greenhouse gases

    41% drop in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to our fiscal year 2007 baseline)

Community partners and grants

Providing technology

Providing technology

Our community partners leverage Cisco technology, cash grants, and expertise to affect positive change worldwide.

News and events

Digitize: Do more good.

Connecting hope in Puerto Rico

See how we're partnering with NetHope to rebuild communities after Hurricane Maria.

Cisco recognized by Dow Jones

A conversation with global problem solvers

Tae Yoo spoke with inspiring global problem solvers during Cisco's Women of Impact event.

Comfort through connectivity

Filling the cybsersecurity gap

Cisco Networking Academy expands its cybersecurity curriculum, taking students from entry-level learning to career readiness.

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