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Cisco Has Acquired WHIPTAIL

Cisco Has Acquired WHIPTAIL

WHIPTAIL is a leader in high performance, scalable solid-state memory systems.

On October 29, 2013, Cisco acquired WHIPTAIL, headquartered in Whippany, New Jersey, a market leader in high performance, scalable solid-state memory systems that accelerate application performance and simplify data center and virtualized environments for organizations.

Q: What has Cisco acquired?
A: Cisco has acquired WHIPTAIL, a leading provider of high performance scalable solid-state memory systems that enable organizations to simplify data center and virtualized environments and process more data in less time, leading to significant time and cost savings.
Q: Why did Cisco choose WHIPTAIL?
A: The market is changing - application performance as a use case both for compute and I/O is becoming more central to the server domain, creating this need for solid-state acceleration integrated into the fabric-computing domain. Bridging the gap between increased application performance demand from servers and what traditional storage systems can deliver, requires solid state memory systems to be closer to the application. With the acquisition of WHIPTAIL, Cisco is evolving its UCS architecture by integrating solid state memory into the fabric-computing domain that will enable significant application performance improvements. WHIPTAIL is a market leading company with top talent and a product architecture that strengthens Cisco's UCS performance. The software will be part of the converged infrastructure, helping to better meet customer needs by simplifying the data center with solid-state memory integrated into the fabric-computing domain as part of a holistic solution. With WHIPTAIL's technology, customers will be able to provision compute, I/O and solid-state memory capacity from a single management interface.
Q: Will Cisco continue to offer WHIPTAIL-branded products?
A: Cisco will continue to support WHIPTAIL's installed base. We are evolving the UCS architecture by integrating WHIPTAIL's data acceleration technology with the Cisco's fabric-computing domain to offer integrated Unified Computing System (UCS) + WHIPTAIL systems. The new product family will be called the Cisco UCS Invicta Series and WHIPTAIL is now known as the Solid-State Systems Group (S3G).
Q: When will Cisco UCS Invicta Series products be available to order from Cisco?
A: The Cisco UCS Invicta Series is now available for ordering from the Cisco Global Price List.
Q: Who should I, as a Cisco or WHIPTAIL customer, contact for more information on this acquisition?
A: Cisco customers should work with their Cisco AM or Cisco Data Center Product Sales Specialist (PSS). WHIPTAIL customers should work with their WHIPTAIL Sales Manager who are now organized as the UCS Invicta Product Sales Specialists at Cisco.
Q: What is the Cisco Technical Assistance Center?
A: The Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides technical support for all Cisco products, including Cisco UCS Invicta Series products.
Q: When do I start using Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for WHIPTAIL products?
A: WHIPTAIL customers will use Cisco TAC when service agreement contracts are migrated to Cisco's installed base. Following migration, customers will receive a "Welcome Letter" from Cisco Services providing new contract numbers, and information on how to access service and support from Cisco. Until service agreement migration, customers should continue to use the same process for support on installed WHIPTAIL products.
Q: How will legacy WHIPTAIL service contracts map to Cisco service contracts?
A: All WHIPTAIL hardware service contracts will be migrated to a Cisco SMARTnet service contract. All WHIPTAIL De-Dupe software contracts will be migrated to a Cisco SASU service contract.
Q: How can I learn more about the Cisco UCS Invicta Series products?
A: Customers can access more information at the Cisco UCS Invicta Series page.
Q: How do I find a Cisco Partner?
A: If you need to identify a partner, your Cisco account team can help you select a channel partner, or use the Cisco Partner Locator tool, and search for "UCS" in the Product field.
Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Please contact whiptail-integration-customer-questions@cisco.com.

Cisco customers should contact their Cisco account teams. A Cisco salesperson can direct sales inquiries to appperformance-acceleration-center@cisco.com

Active WHITPTAIL service agreements were migrated to Cisco service agreements and integrated into our support tools and processes.

For more information on the newly integrated services portfolio, and how to open a service support case, visit the Service and Support for WHIPTAIL.

Cisco and WHIPTAIL strengthen Cisco's unified fabric, compute, and management technologies to give customers a seamless solution for their demanding mission-critical and data-intensive application requirements.

Cisco is pleased to welcome WHIPTAIL partners to Cisco's partner community and award winning channel programs. The Cisco Channel Partner Program provides many ways to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company. Become a Cisco Registered Partner to take advantage of all the benefits of a Cisco partnership.

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Together, Cisco and WHIPTAIL strengthen Cisco's Unified Data Center.