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On April 29, 2013, Cisco completed the acquisition of SolveDirect, a provider of cloud-delivered software that integrates services management. SolveDirect strengthens the Cisco smart services portfolio and helps organizations share data, build relationships, and manage processes in a highly secure, scalable way. It provides partners with an expanded portfolio to create greater customer value and compete more effectively. The offering from this acquisition is branded as Cisco ServiceGrid.

Cisco ServiceGrid is an integration platform in the cloud that offers enterprises and service providers a flexible way to integrate with everyone else in the ecosystem. It effectively automates the sharing of processes, data, and workflows to eliminate manual practices and bottlenecks. It facilitates real-time multisourced collaboration, resulting in significant operational efficiencies and greater economies of scale.

With a "Connect Once — Connect All" approach, Cisco ServiceGrid delivers end-to-end vendor management through consistent SLA governance and visibility across multisourced environments. This approach accelerates time to value, maximizes the return on investment, and dramatically transforms an organization’s business outcomes.

To find out more about Cisco ServiceGrid and our "Connect Once — Connect All" approach, visit Cisco ServiceGrid.


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Former SolveDirect Service Names New Cisco Service Names
ServiceGrid Standard Edition Cisco ServiceGrid Ecosystem Participant
ServiceGrid Professional Edition Cisco ServiceGrid Ecosystem Manager
ServiceGrid Enterprise Edition Cisco ServiceGrid Ecosystem Builder
Q: Why did Cisco acquire SolveDirect?
A: SolveDirect enhances the Cisco service technology platform by automating the sharing of processes, data, and workflows in real-time. It supports new and differentiated service offerings that solve customers' complex business problems.
Q: How will the SolveDirect acquisition benefit customers and partners?
A: SolveDirect strengthens the Cisco smart services portfolio. It helps enable organizations to share data, build relationships, and manage processes in a highly secure, scalable way. It provides Cisco partners with an expanded portfolio to help them create even greater value for their customers, and sustain a competitive edge as they grow their multisourcing, managed services, and cloud services practice.

Cisco customers should contact their Cisco account representative for sales-related questions or contact us.

Active SolveDirect service agreements have been migrated to Cisco software subscription support service agreements and integrated into our renewals management processes, as well as our support tools and processes.

For more information on the newly integrated services portfolio, and how to open a service support case, visit the Services and Support for SolveDirect.

The Cisco acquisition of SolveDirect helps Cisco partners simplify the integration of service management systems. A smart end-to-end cloud-based platform helps you meet the complex support and service-delivery challenges of your customers.

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Better Together

The SolveDirect acquisition aligns with Cisco’s goal of developing and delivering solutions that streamline data and workflows across a unified network.

Customers, vendors, and ecosystem partners now have an automated “Connect Once, Connect to All” way to exchange data and workflows to improve economies of scale as their ecosystem grows.