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Cisco Announces Acquisition of Cloupia

Unified Management for Converged Infrastructure

Cisco UCS Director, Formerly Cisco Cloupia, Increases Data Center Efficiency.

Cisco UCS Director, formerly Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller, delivers unified management for industry-leading converged infrastructure solutions based on Cisco UCS and Nexus technologies. Through unified management, Cisco UCS Director enhances the Cisco vision of enabling cohesive, flexible data centers that significantly increase IT agility and improve business, while reducing operational processes and costs.

When combined with the industry-leading converged infrastructures, Cisco UCS Director can:

  • Increase IT agility through unified single-pane-of-glass management for multi-vendor, multi-protocol converged infrastructure solutions
  • Reduce demands on operational staff, processes, and costs
  • More securely manage multi-tenant environments, allowing virtualized and non-virtualized workloads to be isolated and run side by side
  • Reduce cost per user without sacrificing scalability

Cisco UCS Director provides automation and management for converged infrastructures from NetApp, EMC, and VCE.

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Data center strategy has become a critical part of business strategy itself. More than ever before, the efficiency of IT in deploying resources can make the difference between effective or unproductive organizations. When data center strategy is combined with flat or decreasing budgets, IT professionals have turned to converged infrastructures to reduce operational costs with virtualized pools of IT resources across Cisco UCS, Nexus, and storage solutions. However, unified data center resources alone cannot deliver IT agility. Converged infrastructures need to be combined with advanced management and orchestration for IT to fully realize their proposed benefits and operational advantages.

Cisco UCS Director was designed to reduce IT operating and capital expenses through unified automation and management of converged infrastructures built around Cisco UCS and Nexus switching. Cisco UCS Director is the only solution on the market today that manages physical, virtual, and bare-metal instances from a single, unified management console. Cisco UCS Director is differentiated from other infrastructure management solutions in a number of ways in what it provides. Examples are listed below.

Out-of-Box Turnkey Solution
Cisco UCS Director can be installed and ready to provision virtual or physical environments in less than two hours. Cisco UCS Director comes with a pre-defined task library, allowing IT to quickly drag and drop tasks, and create workflows and templates that can be published to a self-service portal within minutes. Included in the task library is Day 1 through 3 maintenance and update activities that help IT to move beyond simple infrastructure discovery and provisioning.

End-to-End Automation
Cisco UCS Director is hypervisor-agnostic to complement today's heterogeneous data centers. The solution's orchestration and automation extend beyond just the virtual layer to physical and bare metal, providing IT operations with a single solution for managing all environments.

Model-Based Orchestration
The Cisco UCS Director model-based orchestration safeguards against business processes and tasks being disrupted. Unlike script-based orchestration, Cisco UCS Director can quickly respond to changes in the environment, such as a switch being unavailable, and select the best path forward. This helps to ensure that business processes and workflows continue undisturbed.

Best In-Depth Integration with Cisco UCS
Cisco UCS Director provides unprecedented management for Cisco UCS, promoting maximum utilization of your Cisco UCS investment.

Read the Cloupia Solution Overview for more details.


Cisco customers should contact their Cisco account teams. Sales inquiries should be directed to cloupia_sales@cisco.com.


Cisco will continue to support Cloupia's existing installed base.

Cloupia service contracts will be renewable subject to standard Cisco terms.

Better Together

Together, Cisco and Cloupia extend the converged data center infrastructure beyond compute to include network, storage, hypervisors, virtual machines and operating systems.