Our Retail and Consumer Package Goods Practice

Cisco best practices in the area of organizational transformation

The Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Practice has deep industry experience when it comes to process, people, and technology requirements within the functional areas of labor, product / service design and development, inventory management, order fulfillment and delivery, marketing/promotion, customer behaviors, and finance. Our practice is focused in five key areas:

  1. Customer Experience Beyond the Store
  2. Intra- and Inter-Company Collaboration
  3. Inter-Entity Efficiency
  4. Retail Operational Efficiency and Performance
  5. Innovation

By taking full advantage of Cisco IBSG expertise, retail and CPG companies can rapidly capture significant benefits from investing in technology to electronically enable their businesses. Based on pragmatic experience Cisco has gained during the recent economic downturn and from working with global retail leaders, Cisco IBSG has developed a framework for real-time retailing to help our customers asses, decide, and execute processes in less time than the competition, while delivering superior customer service and financial results.