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Thought Leadership

Hotel Guests Say Broadband Is Important - Can You Meet Their Expectations?
This paper offers insights into device, content, and connectivity trends driving broadband consumption, and strategies for hotels to stay ahead of consumer demand and meet operational needs.

Cisco TelePresence Creates a New Business Opportunity for the Japanese Hospitality Industry
Analysis on business travel market and hotel wedding market in Japan shows us there lies a huge potential of pay-per-use TelePresence.

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Hospitality Overview 

The Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) Global Hospitality Practice works with CXOs from leading hospitality companies to identify major trends and address critical business issues by developing technology-enabled business strategies. Our areas of focus are:

Personalized Service Delivery


Hoteliers collect, store, and analyze vast amounts of information to profile, segment, and facilitate their sales and marketing activities. Yet most hoteliers have limited ability to exploit such information in real time to influence guest behavior, enhance guest satisfaction, create new revenues sources, and up- and cross-sell valuable products and services. We work with hotel, gaming, and other hospitality companies to help architect solutions and enable personalized services at the point of service delivery.

Workforce Collaboration


Hoteliers and gaming companies employ both knowledge and operational staff. How they communicate, interact, acquire, and share information vary widely among franchisors and hotels—effective collaboration can dramatically impact workforce productivity leading to better customer service and profitability. Yet collaboration strategies and tools—mainly email and phones—of many hospitality businesses are often inadequate. We help hospitality organizations explore and shape collaboration strategies that enhance both productivity and collaboration effectiveness.

Guest Experience


Sound customer experience begins with a holistic examination of the overall journey through the eyes of the guest. That journey may begin weeks, days, or hours before the guest steps into the hotel lobby. Deep understanding of guest demographics, values, behavior, attitudes, and motivations can help franchisors and hotels shape the overall guest experience and enhance shareholder value. Our Practice works with hoteliers to facilitate improved understanding of guest behavior, expectations, and evolving technologies to architect new ways of engaging the guest beyond the hotel domain.



Hotel brands are in a constant state of evolution, refinement, and, in some instances, transformation to attract guests. Technology has become a key component of the brand standard to help hotels operate effectively, support staff functions, and deliver exemplary guest experience. We work closely with hoteliers to forge technology blueprints that integrate maturing and emerging capabilities into the hotel brand to reduce operating costs, optimize staff productivity, and deliver outstanding guest experience.

Expert Profile

Retail and CPG Leader Howard Lock

Howard Lock is director of the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) Transportation and Hospitality Practice. His insatiable curiosity and passion for learning had carried him around the world into a career focused on a deep understanding of global transportation systems. Not long after his arrival at IBSG, Lock and his colleagues worked to define the role of IBSG in transportation, and to explore critical challenges to transportation enterprises far into the future. In doing so, Lock helped to architect technology and business strategies for the transportation industry.

He notes that there are enormous challenges to the aviation industry today that shape passenger experience and impact the industry’s bottom line. But, he envisages a transformation of the industry that encompasses the passenger’s entire journey—he contends that by providing context-relevant, value-added services and information throughout the passenger’s entire journey airlines can improve passenger satisfaction, compete more effectively, and expand the market, enhancing profitability.

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