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Dave Evans, Chief Technologist of Cisco's IBSG Innovations Practice, discussed Cisco's Connected Bus, a key part of the company's green strategy.


What is The Connected Bus?

The Connected Bus is an important element in urban transportation. It is a pilot project that began in 2007 as part of the Connected Urban Development program at Cisco. Today, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group are working together in designing, developing, and delivering The Connected Bus for the City and County of San Francisco.

Why Was The Connected Bus Created?

The Connected Bus was created to encourage SFMTA customers in San Francisco to use Muni by improving the quality of their ride. A better ride includes having a reliable and safe ride, spending less time in traffic, being exposed to fewer carbon emissions, and having access to timely route information.

The Connected Bus was showcased at Connected Urban Development Global Conference 2008 in San Francisco, February 20—21, 2008

The Connected Bus supports SFMTA's Transit Effectiveness Project, which was developed to review, evaluate and make recommendations on the existing Muni system. Making Muni more reliable is a primary goal of the project.

The Connected Bus Pilot New!
The Connected Bus Fact Sheet
The Connected Bus Project Plan
SFMTA Transit Effectiveness Project


What Are the Special Technology Features of The Connected Bus?

The Connected Bus uses advanced Internet technology to enhance your ride, making this hybrid bus uniquely different from the rest.

  • Touch screens: provide real-time NextMuni information and wait times
  • Free, Wireless Internet access: lets you contact friends and family from your laptop or mobile device
  • External LEDs: tell motorists and pedestrians about the environmental benefits of the bus

Take a YouTube video tour with Dave Evans, Chief Technologist of Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), as he provides an overview of the technology features on The Connected Bus.
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Which Future Services Are Planned?

  • Customer safety: smart technology reduces vehicle collisions
  • Traffic signal priority: helps drivers avoid congestion
  • Onboard entertainment: watch videos or listen to audio from your laptop
  • "Find It": locate services and points of interest near the bus
  • Operator services: assist bus drivers and maintenance staff
  • Security system: lets drivers contact emergency services at the touch of a button


What Makes The Connected Bus Green?

  • 95% emissions-free, hybrid-powered vehicle
  • Reduces up to 55,000 car trips each year.
  • Eliminates 270 tons of carbon emissions annually


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