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The Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) is the company's global consultancy. Industry experts from IBSG's Public Sector Practice engage with city leaders to establish an urban sustainability leadership agenda for cities, urban design, the development of scalable solutions for replication to other cities, and building of public and private partnerships with urban, business, and research leaders.

Connected and Sustainable Energy Whitepaper

Connected and Sustainable Energy Whitepaper (PDF 290KB)  

Cities around the world are realizing that energy consumed by buildings and homes is the leading cause of global-warming emissions. This paper presents an overview of emerging solutions for city leaders to reduce electricity consumption, produce greener energy with lower carbon emissions, and improve the reliability of the electric grid.

Connected and Sustainable ICT Infrastructure Whitepaper

Connected and Sustainable ICT Infrastructure Whitepaper (PDF 144KB)  

In the policies and plans for sustainability and eco-responsibility in cities, much attention has been directed to three sectors: the built environment, energy, and mobility. At the beginning of the 21st century, it became obvious that a fourth, equally important element must be addressed: ICT. To manage ICT effectively, cities need a common framework for data and performance, and a set of solutions for urban sustainability.

Connected and Sustainable Mobility Whitepaper

Connected and Sustainable Mobility Whitepaper (PDF 266KB)  

Urban mobility problems are rapidly turning into an urban mobility crisis. ICT offers enormous capabilities, but most are vastly underutilized in urban transportation. Public- and private-sector organizations must partner in adopting a vision for the sustainable city of the future where transportation continues to play a key role in enabling mobility—yet is dramatically transformed by innovative ICT.

Connected and Sustainable Work Whitepaper

Connected and Sustainable Work Whitepaper (PDF 1.86 MB)  

Because of the impact of work on adoption of these patterns and, ultimately, on development of a model for a sustainable and livable city, CUD believes the opportunity to introduce innovation in work enablement using ICT is equally important to delivering solutions to problems for energy, transportation, housing, buildings, and society at large. This whitepaper explores the factors driving the evolution of knowledge work, the principles of sustainable work, and solutions that incorporate these principles.

The Connected Series of books

Connected Cities

Connected Cities (PDF 5.4 MB)  

The ideas explored in Connected Cities chart the emergence of a political and economic phenomenon-the city as the new connected republic of the 21st Century. Simon Willis, Global Head of eGovernment for the Internet Business Solutions Group at Cisco Systems, has collated essays that show how different cities, at the cutting edge of the process, are grappling with the various stages of connectivity.

Connected Government

Connected Government (PDF 1.4 MB)  

This book, consisting of 14 essays from national governments, is about the concept of Connected Government and. examines the issues involved in developing and implementing compelling national e-government strategies. It explores the Connected Government strategy which is built on six pillars: citizen centricity, standardized common infrastructure, back-office reorganization, governance, new organizational model, and social inclusion.

Connected Workforce

Connected Workforce (PDF 1.3 MB)  

Mobility has been critical to man's survival since the beginning of history. The collection of essays in this book brings together the views of senior business leaders and renowned market innovators on how mobility is changing their business practices and shaping our future.

Connected Homes

Connected Homes (PDF 1.7 MB)  

The communications industry is undergoing massive change, and nowhere is this more evident than in the arena of consumer broadband. Virtually every service provider is attempting to capture this still-nascent but exploding market—from incumbents, alternative service providers, and cable and satellite operators to mobile and Internet portals. This selection of essays provides a look at the forces that are shaping the consumer broadband market, with the goal of helping service providers adapt to and profit from this opportunity.

2010: Broadband City

2010: Broadband City (PDF 4.63 MB)  

Broadband infrastructures leverage a multiplicity of technology solutions in terms both of transport and of access. Technology choices definitely influence the strategic direction of broadband government programs, but this book focuses on strategic and organizational issues and does not discuss technology solutions, architectures and trends.