Conference Agenda - Cisco Consulting Thought Leadership

Conference Presenters

Partnership for Urban Innovation: Global Conference, Shanghai 2010 was designed for leaders in government, business, research, academia, and civic society committed to developing and using innovative solutions that address challenges in urban sustainability and climate change. Partnership for Urban Innovation is a worldwide community that collaborates on information and communications technology (ICT) to address urban issues—from urban design and development, environmental sustainability, mobility, economic growth, to the social life of cities.


Final Agenda 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The plenary session included city, business, NGO and academic leaders, including Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers, The Climate Group CEO Steve Howard and Metropolis secretary general Josep Roig. The plenary sessions focused on how urban innovation, such as those initiatives led by Metropolis, Cisco and The Climate Group, is enabled by multi sector innovation partnerships across the world. The day’s proceeding included breakout sessions on urban innovation in China, specialist sessions on key topics in delivering Smart+Connected Communities (economic, social, environmental, design, mobility). The final plenary session of the day will explore the innovation dynamics in delivering successful global cities of the future.

Morning Sessions

Opening Plenary Session: City, Business, and NGO Thought Leaders in Urban Innovation

  • Global Perspectives on the World Expo Theme: "Better City, Better Life"
  • An Urban Transformation Alliance Between Public and Private Sectors
  • Global Smart+Connected Communities
  • Urban Innovation in China

Lunch and Networking

Afternoon Sessions

Five themed breakout sessions:

  1. Urban Design and Networked Development 
  2. Sustainable Cities: Challenges and Solutions 
  3. Smart and Connected Urban Mobility 
  4. Economic Growth in Cities 
  5. The Social Life of Cities 

Afternoon Plenary Session: Designing Smart+Connected Cities

  • Global Thought Leaders from Business, Urban Planning, and Social Innovation

End-of-Day Conference Proceedings

Evening: Gala dinner for all delegates

Friday, June 18, 2010

The second day consisted of a guided tour for delegates to the World Expo site. The itinerary included a tour of leading urban innovation pavilions from Cisco (including executive reception showcase), SAIC/GM (including Connected Vehicle theatre show), The Expo Future Pavilion and to global city pavilions in the Urban Best Practices Area.