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Connected Schools

Connected Schools

We live in a Knowledge Society, where connectivity delivers information at unprecedented speeds, in multiple formats and creates opportunities for new partnerships. In this exciting age education is the prime driver for economic growth, peace and prosperity.


U.S. K-12 schools recognize that putting their dollars into classroom computers does not solve all of their academic problems. Investments are also required to address challenges in bringing technology to administrative groups; in developing state, province, and countrywide infrastructures to ensure students receive quality education in school and at home; and in reducing administrative workloads so that teachers can become more familiar with Internet and other communications technology.

At the primary- and secondary-school level, the Education Practice within the Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group Global Public Sector team is helping schools tackle these issues. For example, Cisco helped the Fairfax County, Virginia, school district implement KNECTS, an end-to-end administrative and teacher-development initiative to help K-12 students easily transition from grade to grade so that their individual development could be tracked and enhanced. Today, Fairfax County is recognized as one of the top-10 K-12 education systems in terms of its effective use of technology, where all teachers have their own computer systems for high quality, rich media distribution within the district and across Virginia.

"One of our top goals is for every school, 100 percent, to exceed the Virginia Standards of Learning. To help us achieve that, we will provide aggressive information technology leadership and deliver effective and proactive information technology products and services in support of all instructional, administrative, and support programs."
—Dan Domenech, superintendent, Fairfax County Public Schools