Our Education Practice - Cisco Consulting Thought Leadership

School systems worldwide face a number of problems from overcrowded classrooms to limited funds to a lack of technology. The Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) Global Education Practice addresses these problems by helping schools create a vision of the future based on observations and experiences Cisco has gained from working with various educational organizations. We then translate this knowledge to written thought-leadership articles and to master classes, where IBSG brings together government, academia, and education consultants to exchange experiences and ideas.

Once a vision is created, IBSG designs projects to move educators in the direction of their vision-from implementing student information systems to teacher training programs to collaborative learning environments.

IBSG combines a wide range of public-sector expertise with extensive experience Cisco has acquired from working with Global Fortune 500 companies and leaders in education to change and optimize academic and education management processes using technology and outsourcing practices. The Global Education Practice has specific expertise and has shown demonstrable results in two main education sectors:

Higher Education