Ageing Well - New Opportunities for a Connected Society

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People are living longer, healthier, more active lives than ever before. This is a noteworthy trend, with significant opportunities—individually, socially, economically, politically, cross-sectorally, and intergenerationally.

Communication and collaboration technologies—including video and interactive information exchange on networked platforms, combined with a cross-sectoral vision and execution strategy—will transform how:

Individuals and communities thrive—socially and economically

  • Skill and resource needs are met

  • Health and social care needs are met in innovative and sustainable ways

  • Cisco, through its strategic consultancy, the Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), is helping leaders and organizations understand how these new realities—destined to be among the most positive and strategically significant trends of the next 5-10 years—will change forever the way we work, live, play, and learn in an ageing world.

    The Cisco programme "Ageing Well - New Opportunities for a Connected Society" is designed to:

    Develop proof points that illustrate globally significant innovation in action

  • Establish strong alliances, share insights, and inspire others

  • Champion holistic, cross-sector approaches that increase human engagement, reduce constraints imposed by location and other factors, and maximize return on investment

  • In doing so, we are working closely with leading, like-minded organizations around the world, including:

    Almere, Netherlands


    The Verzilvering programme uses video to help increase citizen participation, boost community well-being and improve the social and economic success of one of Europe's fastest-growing cities.

    Pilot Launch
    Mayor on the power of video

    Wisdom, Wealth and Wellbeing, UK


    The Wisdom, Wealth and Wellbeing program in Wales and England is addressing economic growth and resilience. In particular, how can high-speed broadband help to unleash the growing wealth of talent of people aged 45-plus, to boost the wellbeing of individuals and communities, employers and the economy?

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    Research findings

    New Opportunities in Health and Care


    Ageing populations mean both an increase in demand for health and care and a diminishing number of health and care professionals. The Ageing Well programme is working with partners to look at new opportunities in bridging the looming gap using a range of collaboration solutions, including live and recorded video.

    One such solution is Cisco HealthPresence which offers a unique opportunity to deliver health and care services in exciting new ways.

    Positive effects on wellbeing


    Social interaction has clear and positive impacts on the wellbeing of individuals and communities. A summary of existing global research, assembled in 2010 for a particular customer purpose, is now available for wider use.

    Design for our Future Self


    On 3 March, designers, architects, social scientists, policy makers and social innovators came together in Lisbon, Amsterdam, London and New York, to share insights on the opportunities and challenges of an ageing society.

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    Global sing-along


    On 3rd October, generations and continents were united through TelePresence. This gained very positive reports, for example:

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