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Meeting of the Minds 2013

Urban Innovation Conference September 9 — 11, 2013 Toronto, Canada

The Internet of Everything for Cities (PDF - 1.51 MB)
Connecting People, Process, Data, and Things To Improve the 'Livability' of Cities and Communities

Transforming the City of New York (PDF - 1.86 MB)
New Platform for Public-Private Cooperation Ushers in Smart Cities of the Future
Watch (Video - 2:26 min)

Smart City Framework (PDF - 765 KB)
A Systematic Process for Enabling Smart+Connected Communities

The Time Is Right for Connected Public Lighting (PDF - 1.06 MB)
Responsible, "smart" lighting is no longer a "nice to have" for cities-it's imperative to ensure that cities develop in a sustainable way to ensure a healthy future.

Smart+Connected City Services (PDF - 2.90 MB)
Cloud-Based Services Infrastructure Enables Transformation of Busan Metropolitan City

Connecting Cities (PDF - 1.61 MB)
Achieving Sustainability Through Innovation

The Resilient Society (PDF - 1.35 MB)
Innovation, Productivity, and the Art of Practice of Connectedness

Architecting Resilience (PDF - 1.07 MB)
Perspectives on enabling greater resilience and productivity using secure, distributed networks

Smart Work—A Paradigm Shift Transforming How, Where, and When Work Gets Done (PDF - 1.75 MB)
This paper explores the dynamics affecting work and the critical components necessary for a Smart Work strategy that will have a positive impact on the worker, employer, economy, and community.

Work-Life Innovation (PDF - 1.13 MB)
The Future of Distributed and Networked Work

Work-Life Innovation for Communities  (PDF - 1.29 MB)
Stimulating Work-Life Innovation in Developing Countries—Communities and Regions

A Business Case for Connected Vehicles (PDF - 2.04 MB)
Executive Summary of the Business Case for Connected Vehicles

Connected Vehicles—Automotive  (PDF - 1.48 MB)
From Building Cars to Selling Personal Travel Time Well-Spent

Connected Vehicles and Government  (PDF - 1.87 MB)
A Catalyst To Unlock the Societal Benefits of Transportation

Connected Vehicles—Insurance (PDF - 1.37 MB)
The Business of Preventing Crashes

Connected Vehicles—Service Providers (PDF - 1.49 MB)
Service Providers at a Crossroads