The Cisco Virtual Office solution improves the reliability, availability, and security of Cisco's VPN.

At any given time, one-third or more of Cisco’s global workforce is connected to the corporate network by remote access. Like many enterprises, Cisco gains significant productivity and cost benefits from providing employees with secure, anytime access to the corporate network and other resources.

This security case study describes Cisco IT’s  internal deployment of the Cisco Virtual Office solution and business benefits to Cisco, including::

  • Enhanced reliability, availability, and security of VPN access
  • 20 percent reduction in total cost of ownership for the solution through zero-touch deployment of routers in employee homes
  • 29 percent overall productivity improvement for users, with higher employee job satisfaction
  • 2.5 tons reduced CO2 emissions per employee per year from less commuting
  • The ability to support the expected 30,000 VPN users with zero-touch deployment and integrated management for Cisco Virtual Office routers 

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