OC-192 on Cisco ONS 15454 increases network speed, saves money, and improves manageability.

Until 2003 Cisco connected its 40-plus building headquarters campus to outside telecom services using separate OC-48 SONET rings connecting a few central buildings. Over time it became more difficult to add new buildings, which required greater bandwidth, to this SONET fiber. So Cisco IT transitioned from individual OC-48 SONET rings for time-division multiplexing (TDM) local access to a campus-wide OC-192 infrastructure powered by the Cisco ONS 15454 system.

This optical networking case study explains the advantages of customer-provided and LEC-provided local access, why and how Cisco IT made the transition to the Cisco ONS 15454 infrastructure, and business benefits such as:

  • Easier expansion to new buildings
  • Greater control over capacity planning
  • Lower monthly telecom access costs
  • Reduced access equipment footprint (and lower real estate costs)

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