Land Mobile Radio over IP improves command and control, avoids costly radios, and speeds up emergency medical response.

Cisco security officers and facilities staff use UHF radios, which ordinarily cannot interoperate with other radio devices or with wireline phones, cell phones, IP phones, or PCs. To bolster communications and response times among security personnel throughout the field, Cisco implemented a Land Mobile Radio (LMR)-over-IP solution that allows interoperability among radios, wireline phones, cell phones, and PCs. Now Cisco managers and executives can participate in talk groups from any location, using cell phones or free PC client software that makes PCs and laptops emulate push-to-talk (PTT) radios.

This mobility case study describes:

  • The business drivers for interoperable communications at Cisco
  • LMR-over-IP solution
  • Business benefits for crisis management
  • Standard operations

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