Deploying virtualized servers produces significant cost savings, lowers demand for data center resources, and reduces server deployment time.

In early 2008, Cisco IT had nearly 4000 applications running on more than 15,000 physical and virtual servers in its data centers. And this already large number of installed servers was growing at a rate of 15 percent per year. To meet this significant demand as well as address cost, resource, space, and server deployment issues in the data centers, Cisco IT is using the VMware ESX Server product, the Cisco network, and Cisco technologies for server networking and data center management. This case study describes the business benefits Cisco IT has gained from deploying virtual servers, including:

  • US$19 million cumulative cost savings and cost avoidance
  • Reduced demand for data center space and resources
  • Faster server deployment
  • Increased productivity of IT staff
  • Improved application stability

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