Cisco Data Center Business Advantage and the Cisco Unified Computing System power a new and planet-friendly data center in Allen, Texas.

Power, space, and cooling are vital commodities in data center environments. As Cisco managed through a period of explosive growth in 2007, its IT department was in demand of all three. Faced with a critical situation, a group of key decision makers saw an opportunity to transform Cisco IT into a services organization - one that could enable new business models and position the company for continued success.

This case study explains the challenges, solutions, results, next steps, and lessons learned in building a state-of-the-art data center while aligning with Cisco IT's 6-year data center strategy including:

  • Address capacity, business resiliency, and geographic risk in data center infrastructure
  • Transform Cisco IT into a services organization that drives the business forward
  • Demonstrate how Cisco products can be deployed to achieve a high-density footprint, virtualization, and a cloud-enabled model
  • Faster provisioning of IT services (from 6 weeks to 2 days)
  • Improved scalability and agility of data center infrastructure
  • Active-active Metro Virtual Data Center capabilities that enable zero downtime for critical business systems
  • Lower total cost of ownership for compute services

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