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Cisco Employee Best Home Network Awards
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Thousands of consumers worldwide are building their own home networks to support telecommuting, home security, entertainment, learning, and even small business activities. In 2007, Cisco on Cisco sponsored a companywide competition to find the best, most creative home networks designed by Cisco employees, and invited the winners to share their implementation designs and stories. From nearly 100 entries, a judging panel made up of distinguished Cisco engineers selected eight winners from five different countries who demonstrate excellence in technical innovation and creativity with their home networks. The judges named two overall grand prize winners and a winner and runner-up in each of three categories: Best Home Office Network, Best Home Security Network, and Best Home Entertainment and Education Network.

The winners have surpassed even the traditional boundaries of creativity. They have figured out how to use technology to design their home networks in ways that you might not expect. In some inspiring examples of innovative thinking, they are revolutionizing the way their families live, work, play, and learn with the help of the latest home networking technologies.

Best Overall Home Network
The best overall home network winners shine in networked entertainment and home automation.
Grand Prize Winner: Iwan Eberhart, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Grand Prize Winner: Andrew Ward, San Leandro, California, USA
Best Home Office Network
The winners in this category exemplify the use of IP telephony in a home network and balancing a home network with functionality and entertainment.
Winner: Anthony Wolfenden, Sydney, Australia
Runner-up: Ron Visser, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Best Home Security Network
Functional and innovative are the hallmarks of these two home security networks.
Winner: Bob Scarbrough, San Jose, California, USA
Runner-up: Rich Verjinski, Herndon, Virginia, USA
Best Home Entertainment and Education Network
These home entertainment and education networks show how technology can be creatively introduced in the home to bring people together, to entertain, and to enjoy.
Winner: John Duffie, Cary, North Carolina, USA
Runner-up: Moussa Chemali, Groslay, France
Best Home Network Honorable Mentions
Contest entrants are recognized for their energy-efficient, solar-powered home network and an installation showcase of design and technology.
Green IT: Mike Mitchell, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Installation Showcase: Mike Ziegler, Irvine, California, USA