Integrating WebEx with the unified communications infrastructure is a cost-effective option for linking employees, customers, and partners into a global network.

After Cisco acquired WebEx in March 2007, Cisco employees could not wait to begin using the web collaboration solution, especially the salesforce who saw an opportunity to use WebEx to meet with more decision makers, more often. In June 2007, Cisco IT and the voice engineering team developed a proof of concept for implementing WebEx as a hosted service. This document describes the business and technology drivers behind the WebEx pre-production deployment: how Cisco IT and the voice engineering staff piloted the program with sales and other customer-facing employees and have begun integrating WebEx into Cisco's IP telephony infrastructure. Also included are the deployment benefits to date. Chief among them:

  • More frequent, productive meetings between sales and customers and partners
  • Increased customer responsiveness
  • Enhanced customer support experience
  • Substantial cost savings for the audio portions of web conferences

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