Video services reduce travel costs and accelerate Cisco's acquisition of Tandberg.

Acquisitions are typically viewed as high-touch transactions that require numerous visits between the negotiating companies to successfully close the deal. With each of its acquisitions, Cisco seeks to improve the integration process. The use of technology during various phases of the process has enabled Cisco to focus on key aspects of the acquisition: employee integration and business processes.

In October 2009 when Cisco announced that it would acquire Tandberg, video was positioned as a technology that would enhance the acquisition integration experience. A leader in the video communications space, Tandberg's network architecture and dial plans are designed for efficient use of video. In step with Cisco, Tandberg has built a culture of collaboration based on video.

This case study describes how the use of video services between the two companies helped to accelerate acquisitions integration planning and execution while reducing travel costs and employee disruption.

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