Cisco TelePresence realizes greater than expected cost avoidance savings and productivity improvements.

As of mid-2008, Cisco IT implemented 269 Cisco® TelePresence™ systems in Cisco offices located in 123 cities worldwide. Cisco IT has collected system statistics and participant feedback on more than 100,000 TelePresence meetings to measure the usage, benefits, and value of the TelePresence deployment. This data shows that Cisco has gained significant business value from TelePresence.

This Cisco TelePresence case study describes the substantial benefits that Cisco has gained from its internal deployment of Cisco TelePresence systems, including:

  • Estimated US$90 million travel avoidance cost savings from reduced employee travel
  • Employee productivity improvements worth more than US$40 million
  • Accelerated revenue from increased sales closing rate and reduced sales cycle time
  • Average weekly utilization rate of 45 percent for the TelePresence rooms, higher than the target investment value
  • Elimination of 20 million cubic meters of emissions, which equals 8700 cars off the road

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