Streaming video lowers costs and improves timeliness and availability of corporate communications.

As in many enterprises experiencing rapid growth, Cisco IT must continually explore creative ways to rapidly and affordably manage cross-team employee communications, shortages of IT workers, globalization pressures, and hundreds of training content sources. To minimize travel budgets and enhance training and communication throughout the company, Cisco IT deployed a rich media solution that provides streaming video services to a broad base of internal users.

This streaming media case study provides an overview of the solution and its benefits, including:

  • Productivity enhancements: information reaches employees faster
  • Increased information availability and convenient access: content can be broadly distributed and accessed on demand
  • Cost avoidance: streaming video content is delivered over the existing Cisco IP network inexpensively, resulting in multimillion dollar savings annually
  • Live and on-demand broadcasts: product launches have been accelerated, and the company benefits from high-impact video communications

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