Employees save time and get answers faster by knowing whether global coworkers are available and how to reach them.

Cisco uses its own unified communications applications to increase productivity and responsiveness for a competitive advantage. Two additional tools are currently being deployed: Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator. Unified Presence provides information regarding whether coworkers are available and how they prefer to be reached. Unified Personal Communicator is a desktop application that enables employees to launch a single application to access all of their frequently used unified communications services.

In August 2007, Cisco IT established its Unified Communications program, with the goal of increasing the business value that Cisco gets from its own applications. Four key milestones have been identified to introduce Presence and Unified Personal Communicator to employees globally: upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1.1, deploy Cisco Unified Presence Server clusters, enable Presence on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and roll out Unified Personal Communicator.

Cisco IT completed the upgrade to Unified Communications Manager 6.1.1 in June 2008. Also in place is a rollout plan for Unified Personal Communicator according to geography.

This document describes Cisco IT's business opportunity, deployment plan, results to date, and future deployment sites.

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