Cisco gains more business value by migrating Web 2.0 tools to the Cisco WebEx Social platform.

This case study describes how Cisco IT has evolved its internal collaboration and social sharing site, called the Integrated Workforce Experience (IWE). With IWE and the Cisco® WebEx Social™ platform, Cisco IT provides the types of social networking tools—blogs, microblog messages, and informal videos—that employees use outside of work. In IWE, those tools are optimized for internal use within Cisco and are implemented in a robust, scalable, and secure way. Originally created by Cisco IT on an open-source platform, IWE now runs on the Cisco WebEx Social platform. The platform migration required integrating the social sharing tools with minimal user disruption, preserving user documents, migrating different user data types appropriately, supporting application portals, and educating employees. Cisco is now realizing the following benefits from IWE:

  • Implemented IWE for all business functions within one year
  • Gain of up to $24 million value from increased employee productivity
  • More than 1000 IWE communities, with more than 900,000 visits per quarter
  • Business process improvements including faster time-to-market for a new product
  • High levels of interest and response for employee communications

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