Well-planned and implemented processes form cornerstone of large-scale e-mail and calendar migration.

Cisco IT’s migration to Microsoft Exchange e-mail and calendaring required massive changes, many accomplished over a single weekend. Chief among these tasks were creating more than 40,000 Exchange client mailboxes, migrating more than 50,000 e-mail users, automating processes to create mailboxes and make conference rooms available to Exchange users, and creating a centralized data repository to hold all user accounts and conference room data. Both e-mail and calendar data had to be imported from the legacy systems. Above all, e-mail and calendaring functionality had to be maintained at all times, and users adequately trained in the new features so that they could be productive immediately following the migration.

In addition to the business benefits derived from Cisco IT’s migration to Exchange, this unified communications case study includes:

  • Detailed Exchange client migration and calendaring cutover plans
  • Description of e-mail migration phases, including the client migration website process, baseline schedule, and tools
  • E-mail and calendar migration pilots
  • Description of calendar cutover steps

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