Companywide migration to standard tools for services management and configuration enable enterprise integration, full support for solutions, and smooth path for future upgrades.

By migrating to standard Oracle 11i tools and Selectica configurator technology, Cisco IT was able to replace complex, highly customized technical support solutions that had become outdated.

The Cisco technical support organization relied on three highly customized applications for service request management, service logistics management, and service order configuration that were no longer supported. A failure of any one of these applications would be a costly disaster. Coinciding with a companywide move to an Oracle 11i platform, the technical support migration had the following benefits:

  • Fully supported solutions: While some customized features could not be duplicated, the new tools enabled the Cisco service group to use vendor-supported solutions with a smooth path to future upgrades and enhancements.
  • Enterprise integration: Oracle 11i tools complemented Cisco’s adoption of cross-functional processes and enterprise-wide productivity enhancements.
  • Long-term stability: Migration prevented major software outages and provided for future adoption of emerging solutions from other vendors.

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