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Cisco Case Study: Worldhotel Wings

Building towards the future

Located at the Rotterdam International Airport, Worldhotel Wings took 10 years to plan and develop. Cisco designed, installed and manages its infrastructure. One integrated system means that the hotel staff have a seamless way to manage bookings and inventory, secure data, and provide guests with connectivity during their stays.



  • Continual internet connectivity for guests
  • Single technology partner
  • Seamless cloud system to manage hotel life
  • Proactively providing guests what they need


  • Network data security Wi-Fi hotspot and mobility
  • Workplace and collaboration
  • IP TV and VOD
  • CCTV and access control
  • Local IT services for IPTV, CCTV, key-room systems, digital
  • Remote access for suppliers and third parties IT support, 24x7


  • Better understanding of guests means proactively catering to their needs and wants
  • Detailed budgeting across the property

What they’re saying

Whatever our request, no matter how challenging, Cisco was able to provide the answer.

Berry Gerretsen, Director, Worldhotel Wings

Who is Worldhotel Wings?

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Company Size: 450 properties