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Case Study: Valamar Riviera

Enhancing the guest experience with better Wi-Fi

Valamar Riviera, Croatia's largest hotel company, had a problem: Guests were unhappy with the Wi-Fi at its 33 hotels and 15 camping resorts. After trying to solve the problem in-house, the team realized it needed outside help. With products and support from Cisco and Croatian Telecom, Valamar drastically improved wireless connectivity for its customers.



  • Ensure seamless wireless connectivity throughout the company's 48 hotels, resorts, and campsites.
  • Support as many as 60,000 concurrent users with a throughput of 30-40Gbps.


  • Drastically improved Wi-FI coverage.
  • Added more than 4,500 access points.
  • Able to support 60,000 concurrent devices.
  • Immediate email alerts about equipment incidents, issues with Wi-Fi signals, and network congestion.

What they’re saying

In Cisco and their partners, we've found the complete solution. For the Wi-Fi side of the project, we're working with Combis who is a Cisco gold partner owned by Croatian Telecom. They're handling all technical operations regarding Cisco implementation as well as maintenance and support. The combination of Cisco and their partners not only offered Wi-Fi, but also wired solutions and interconnectivity-all in one complete bundle.

Vlastimir Ivancic, Director of IT and user support, Valamar Riviera

Who is Valamar Riviera?

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Buici, Croatia
Employees: 2,500+
Website: valamar-riviera.com