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Case Study: Transpo Services

Modernizing to gain security and flexibility

Transpo Services is a small business that provides business services to moving and relocation industry clients. Today it offers employees the flexibility to work from home and stay connected on the go with a secure, easy-to-use remote login system--but it wasn't always this way. Faced with unreliable email, slow Internet connections, and the growing threat of ransomware, Transpo turned to Cisco for help modernizing its IT infrastructure.



  • Slow Internet speeds.
  • No control over bandwidth allocation.
  • Vulnerability to ransomware threats.
  • Constant outages and long downtimes.


  • Drastically shorter downtimes.
  • Able to resolve network issues remotely.
  • Companywide protection against ransomware.
  • Operational costs reduced by 10 percent.

Who is Transpo Services?

Industry: Transportation
Location: Grandview, Missouri
Website: cartwrightcompanies.com/companies/transpo-services/