Collaboration Case Study: State of Sergipe, Brazil

Better Health for Brazil's Children

Better Health for Brazil's Children

Company: State of Sergipe, Brazil

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Brazil

Company Size: 2 million residents


Children under age 15 make up almost a quarter of Brazil's population. Many do not live near a pediatrician. Specialists like children's allergists and pulmonologists are especially scarce.


The State of Sergipe, Brazil, took part in a Connected Healthy Children initiative. Family doctors and specialists in different locations connect using TelePresence and WebEx. They use the same tools for continuing education. Families can conveniently make appointments online and contact care teams using Cisco Extended Care.


Children have better access to care at local clinics. Earlier treatment improves learning and can lessen the financial and emotional costs to the family. In a survey, 100 percent of families were satisfied with their virtual consultation, and 96 percent said they saved time and money by reducing travel.

The new virtual consultation model allows me to establish clear communications with the clinic doctor and the children's parents. This results in better diagnostics.
- Dr. Silvia Simões,
Allergy/Immunology Specialist, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

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