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Case Study: Republic Polytechnic

Giving students hands-on cloud experience

Striving to prepare students for real-world situations, Republic Polytechnic School of Infocomm recognized that graduates will most likely encounter private and hybrid cloud environments in the workplace. It needed a unified infrastructure to support a cloud-computing center where students can gain experience and also enable staff to automate services provisioning.



  • Give students hands-on cloud experience
  • Build their skills in a virtual data center


  • Keeps pace with technology to provide the best education
  • Gives students hands-on experience with cloud computing
  • Uses the same tools students are likely to encounter post-graduation

What they’re saying

Next year, our first group of students with cloud computing know-how will graduate. Cisco technology has helped us prepare them for the real world.

Wong Hau Shian, Assistant Program Chair, School of Infocomm, Republic Polytechnic

Who is Republic Polytechnic?

Industry: Education
Location: Singapore
Company size: 14,000 employees