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Energy Case Study: Repsol

Faster, more secure application migration

Cisco Tetration helped Repsol achieve 10-times faster application migration time. This Cisco security solution provides complete visibility into application components, communications, and dependencies. Cisco Tetration provides automated policy generation and enforcement, which allows Repsol to meet business needs much faster.



  • Risk moving application across the cloud due to unknown dependencies
  • Provide consistent security policies in a multicloud data-center environment and multiple departments
  • Secure every application while moving to the cloud
  • Increase visibility into traffic flows and application performance across data centers


  • 10-times-faster secure application migration
  • Improved infrastructure consistency, integration, and security
  • Complete visibility across the network and into application components, communications, and dependencies
  • Threat protection that follows the workload everywhere
  • Simplified operational decisions about complex data-center application migration
  • Dynamic policies and automated enforcement

What they're saying

Before Tetration, we were taking two, three applications to the cloud. With Tetration, we are moving 20, 30 applications to the cloud. Tetration is really, really helpful, because it is telling you everything regarding the traffic flow.

Nersas Marín Castaños, Network Engineering, Repsol

Who is Repsol?

Industry: Energy

Location: Spain

Size: 25,000 employees

Website: www.repsol.com

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