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Case Study: City of New Orleans

Cisco solutions help keep The Big Easy safe

New Orleans' famed French Quarter keeps The Big Easy on the map as a dream destination for millions around the world. The city's police force uses Cisco's Internet of Things (IoT) smart technology to help support its oath to protect and serve the massive crowds of visitors and residents all year long.



  • Police must work to protect millions of visitors, residents, and businesses each year.
  • There aren't enough officers to patrol every corner of the French Quarter.
  • The city wanted to add smart technology for crowd monitoring and alerts, without loss of charm.
  • It needed a rugged solution to manage its network of outdoor, wireless security cameras.


  • Cisco routers are the backbone of the city's Real-Time Crime Center network.
  • Wireless cameras provide views of events as they unfold on city streets.
  • Cisco routers help crime-center operators analyze and relay data to onsite police.
  • The solution keeps technology off the streets to help maintain the French Quarter's charm.
  • The Cisco network helps provide 24/7 security, connectivity, and peace of mind.

What they're saying

We have Cisco cameras throughout the city that feed into our real-time crime center. Cisco was the only company that could provide a complete, secure, expandable solution … 24/7/365, even in outdoor locations.

George Barlow Brown, IT Manager, Real-Time Crime Center, City of New Orleans

Who is the City of New Orleans?

Industry: Government
Size: 390,000+ residents
Website: NOLA.gov