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Case Study: iSchool Initiative

Escape the Bus: Solving the Puzzle of 21st Century Learning

Company: iSchool Initiative
Industry: Education
Location: United States
Company size: 30 employees


  • Provide a more engaging alternative to traditional rote learning
  • Role-model concepts like gamification and problem solving with teachers and students across the country


By combining Cisco Routing and Switching, Wireless, and Video, iSchool is:

  • Showing teachers how technology can improve learning outcomes
  • Helping students develop valuable problem-solving skills with hands-on technologies
  • Demonstrating to school administrators the real-time value of technology in the classroom


  • Showcasing digital learning to 60 schools and conferences in 12 months
  • Giving 11,900 teachers a vision of how technology can improve student outcomes
  • Helping 15,750 students improve their problem-solving skills

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We believe it's important for teachers to...actually experience the methodology to get a deeper understanding of how to apply it in the classroom.

Nikola Kolev, Vice President of Operations, iSchool Initiative.