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Case Study: Inovalon

Adding healthcare value

Time is invaluable in healthcare. Every minute matters. Learn how Inovalon has freed up time for innovation, while also providing faster services to their clients with Vscale Architecture.



  • Modernize and scale private cloud capacity to its data centers to capture a growing market
  • Deploy cloud-based client products and services faster
  • Deliver isolated, secure, and HIPAA-compliant instances for client’s health-related data
  • Simplify IT so staff can focus more on product innovation for its clients



  • Deployed capacity to support two modern data centers in half the time
  • Reduced time to deploy secure, cloud-based client environments by 50%
  • Tripled infrastructure without expanding IT staff
  • Simplified IT management so staff can focus on business growth and service innovation

What they're saying

We are spending less time on systems integration and management, and more time on innovation. We’re moving to a DevOps model of continuous improvement, and we’re creating agility and value that can be passed along to our customers.

Faisal Khalid, Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions, Inovalon

Who is Inovalon?

Industry: Technology, Healthcare Analytics
Company Size: 2000 employees
Location: United States of America
Website: www.inovalon.com