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Cisco DNA Case Study: Indoor Maps Technology

Making smart exhibition possible

Connecting one of the world’s largest exhibition halls, Indoor Maps Technology is a leading service provider in the smart exhibition industry. Learn about their experience with Cisco’s intent-based networking platform as they expand their digitalized business to create more value-added services for their customers.



  • Complex network requirements with rapid change and demand on bandwidth
  • Conventional network, configured manually, is error prone and resource intensive
  • Diverse use of applications and services call for an always-on, uninterrupted network
  • Absence of precise marketing data to improve business services


  • Faster deployment and network provisioning for improved user experience
  • Reduced operational costs and the ability to identify network failures quickly
  • Enabled rich telemetry through Cisco DNA Spaces for personalized customer engagements
  • Business sustainability and investments secured to boost business service value

What they're saying

The intelligence, visualization, and automation of Cisco’s intent-based networking meet our requirements for rapid deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting, cut down on manpower and material resources, and effectively secure our investment made during the operational period.

Luo Yuansheng, General Manager, Indoor Maps Technology Co., Ltd.

Who is Indoor Maps Technology Co., Ltd.?

Industry: Internet
Location: China, Guangzhou
Company Size: 50-99 employees