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Case Study: Houston Methodist Hospital

Cisco connects hospital systems, employees, and visitors

Technology is an integral part of today’s medical care. Connecting that technology wirelessly throughout the vast Houston Methodist Hospital system was a challenge for the small team of network engineers. With help from Cisco solutions, engineers can pinpoint, diagnose, and fix problems in the wireless network quicker and easier than before.



  • Vast network of 200 locations throughout the city of Houston
  • Large daily volume on the wireless network--35,000 clients, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, ultrasounds, EKGs, and ER and surgical robots
  • Limited staff of nine engineers supporting the network
  • Difficulty reproducing network issues after they occur


  • Rather than hope an issue reoccurs, IT can review at network history to quickly remediate problems
  • Easily able to fix network issues without spending days on-site
  • With faster fix times, IT staff can better use their time to tackle more pressing issues

What they’re saying

Cisco DNA Assurance is going to continue to provide us with proactive information to make the best decisions possible.

Manuel Ortiz, III, Network Engineer, Houston Methodist Hospital

Who is Houston Methodist Hospital?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Houston, Texas
Company Size: 20,000 employees