Cisco Customer Case Study: Dutch Cloud

Dutch Cloud

Partnering for Growth, Speed, and Service

Company: Dutch Cloud

Industry: Technology

Location: Hilversum, Netherlands

Company Size: 100 employees


As Dutch Cloud's managed cloud services business grew, the company needed to simplify management, ensure compliance, and improve time to market. It needed a validated, integrated infrastructure that would allow it to provide fast value to customers and maintain its leadership position.


Dutch Cloud standardized on VersaStack, a proven converged infrastructure solution based on Cisco Validated Designs with integrated components from Cisco and IBM.


With a simplified and flexible infrastructure, Dutch Cloud can offer customers 100 percent uptime and provision new customer environments the same day they are requested. Automated management allows entry-level IT staff to perform consistent deployment and provisioning, helping to reduce operating costs by 30 percent and keep prices competitive.

Embracing VersaStack as our standard lets us focus on sustaining double-digit growth. We can deploy customer environments faster than ever.
- Martijn van Zoeren,
CEO, Dutch Cloud