Internet of Everything Case Study: Dundee Precious Metals

Taking the Lid Off the Mine

Taking the Lid Off the Mine

Company: Dundee Precious Metals

Industry: Mining

Location: Headquarters in Canada; worldwide operations


Dundee Precious Metals' (DPM) flagship mine in Chelopech, Bulgaria, produces gold, copper, and silver concentrate. In 2010, the company set a goal to increase production by 30 percent. The big challenge was reaching the target without adding more workers or vehicles.


DPM met its goal by harnessing the Internet of Everything. People connect over Wi-Fi with Cisco IP phones. Managers can track the location of miners and vehicles and monitor vehicle status. A central application turns up lights, fans, and power when people are present. Cisco partner Acrodex helped with planning and implementation.


Production quadrupled, from 0.5 million to 2 million tons annually. Long-distance costs dropped by US$2.5 million over two years. Miner safety improved because DPM connects the blasting system and location-tracking system.

We've enabled an underground operation to be seen and touched over Wi-Fi. We've taken the lid off the mine.
- Mark Gelsomini,
Corporate Director of IT, Dundee Precious Metals

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