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Case Study: Conscia

Building a secure, programmable, turnkey data center solution

Conscia, a systems integrator in Europe, chose Cisco ACI as their data center solution in order to deliver a secure and automated solution to their customers. By choosing Cisco ACI, Conscia was able to simplify their data center operation and deliver new services within minutes versus days or weeks and at the same time differentiate themselves from their competition.



  • Simplify network operations and focus on strategic customer initiatives
  • Build a secure data center infrastructure from the ground up
  • Enable an automated and secure infrastructure


  • Programmable and automated infrastructure
  • Single, integrated management for physical and virtual network
  • End-to-end zero trust security


  • A common data center fabric with Cisco ACI
  • Activate new services within minutes versus days or weeks
  • Consistent policy with increased data security

What they’re saying

Cisco ACI offers us a programmable, hypervisor agnostic and highly secure data center infrastructure, but what took us by surprise was the ease of management it provides. We were able to turn up new services within minutes...

Henrik Moll, Acting CEO, Conscia

Who is Conscia?

Industry: System integrator [Cisco partner]
Location: Denmark
Website: https://www.conscia.dk