Internet of Everything Case Study: Dubai

Boosting the Appeal of Public Transportation

Boosting the Appeal of Public Transportation

Company: City of Dubai

Industry: State and local Government

Location: United Arab Emirates

Company Size: 2.1 million residents


As part of its Smart City initiate, the City of Dubai wanted to make roads safer and less congested. The plan: make public transportation more appealing.


Connecting people, process, data, and things in new ways made public transportation more efficient. Residents and visitors enjoy driverless metro service and no-stop toll gates. With a couple of taps in a mobile app, people can view schedules, purchase tickets, and pay for parking. It's the Internet of Everything.


The number of people using public transportation doubled, to 12 percent. Traffic fatalities decreased by 70 percent. And less-crowded roads improve quality of life.

Most of our initiatives are going to move into the hands of the customer, on devices that they hold in their hands.
- Abdulla Al Madani,
CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

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