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  • Yelp: Securing consumer data

    Securing consumer data

    Yelp was able to improve its customer experience simply by automating its security with Cisco Umbrella and Investigate.

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  • Sydney Cricket Ground: Connected fan experience

    Connected fan experience

    By creating an immersive fan experience, Sydney Cricket Ground is putting fans at the center of the action.

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  • Unscripted by Cisco: A webinar series

    Unscripted by Cisco: A webinar series

    A new webinar series that features candid conversations with Cisco customers that goes beyond the typical success story

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  • Baptist Health: A better network for better patient care

    A better network for better patient care

    Hospitals never close. See how Cisco Services provided specialist resources to modernize the IT environment without interrupting vital healthcare systems.

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  • coBuilder: Making construction smarter

    Making construction smarter

    As an international presence, coBuilder is expected to operate in the moment, always a click or call away. Cisco Spark makes this possible.

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  • Signa Real Estate: Breaking through tech barriers with Spark

    Breaking through tech barriers with Spark

    By deploying Cisco Spark, Signa Real Estate has changed the way they do business and work together. The increased efficiency has helped them stay three steps ahead of competition.

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  • Quantium: Every minute counts

    Every minute counts

    Learn how Quantium and My Choices Foundation have teamed up with Cisco to help eliminate sex trafficking.

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  • AECOM: Delivering agility at scale

    Delivering agility at scale

    See how AECOM, a global engineering firm, achieved a zero-touch, secure network with Cisco DNA.

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  • Mayfran International: Revolutionizing work life

    Revolutionizing work life

    Cisco HyperFlex is helping engineers at Mayfran International save time and engage more with customers.

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  • Del Brenta: Sparking innovation in fashion

    Sparking innovation in fashion

    Del Brenta, an Italian high fashion manufacturer, uses Cisco Spark to keep up with demand and ever-changing trends.

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  • Rio Grande: Digital trends take to the tracks

    Digital trends take to the tracks

    Rio Grande Pacific Corporation is building a foundation based on growth and digitization with Cisco solutions.

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  • London Health: Driving innovation in healthcare

    Driving innovation in healthcare

    London Health Sciences Centre is transforming patient care with Cisco technology.

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  • KPIT Technologies: Automation drives business growth

    Automation drives business growth

    Explore how KPIT Technologies, a global IT firm, is meeting growth head on with network automation.

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  • Universidad Panamericana: Digitizing education

    Digitizing education

    Universidad Panamericana upgrades students' access to learning resources with a secure, wireless network.

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  • Symantec: Automation boosts savings

    Automation boosts savings

    With network automation, Symantec achieved a faster, more efficient way to provision global business applications.

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  • SDEE Muntenia Nord: A brighter future for utilities

    A brighter future for utilities

    SDEE Muntenia Nord, a Romanian utilities company, is using Cisco solutions to revolutionize how it serves its customers.

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  • Woodland Elementary School: Boosting student engagement

    Boosting student engagement

    Woodland Elementary School uses video conferencing to connect the classroom to industry experts to deepen learning.

    Connecting students with video conferencing

    Video Thumbnail Image

    Imagine the possibilities when students can learn virtually from people all over the world. New Jersey’s Woodland Elementary School uses Cisco video conferencing technology to increase interactive learning opportunities and inspire students.



    • Increase students' exposure to industry professionals like engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists, among others
    • Provide opportunities for students to have collaborative conversations both locally and globally
    • Expand upon curriculum resources for students



    • Immersed students in new subject matter via virtual field trips led by industry experts
    • Increased student engagement and critical thinking
    • Offered students the opportunity to have collaborative discussions with experts from all over the world
    • Extended learning beyond the borders of the physical classroom to include homebound students
    I’m most excited about the impact this is making to businesses and governments not just in the United States but around the globe. There’s never been a better time to be in the Internet of Things industry.
    Mike Triano
    Vice President Industrial IoT Solutions, AT&T
  • NYC Health + Hospitals: Improving healthcare in jails

    Improving healthcare in jails

    Correctional Health Services simplified the delivery of specialty care interactions.

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  • Shawnee Mission Schools: Secure e-learning for Kansas Schools

    Secure e-learning for Kansas Schools

    Shawnee Mission School District utilizes Security Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) to cut costs and make security easier to manage.

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    SMSD creates a secure digital learning environment

    Shawnee Mission School District

    How do you securely implement a new digital learning initiative that requires providing over 27,500 students and teachers with mobile devices? Shawnee Mission School District leveraged Cisco Security and Collaboration Enterprise License Agreements (ELA) to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver the technologies they needed.

    Case study


    • Securely implement digital learning initiative to provide mobile devices for all students and teachers
    • Better integrate a fragmented infrastructure that hindered progress and presented a security risk
    • Need to reduce complexity and simplify management for the IT team


    • Cisco Security Enterprise License Agreement
    • Cisco Firepower 9300 Security Appliance
    • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints
    • Cisco Identity Services Engine
    • Cisco Collaboration Enterprise License Agreement


    • Decreased the number of malware incidents from three per day to one per month
    • Improved productivity and collaboration among students and teachers
    • Increased student attendance and reduce behavior problems through better engagement
    • Reduced costs and administrative burden on security team
    Security is no longer a second consideration for us… it’s an assumed part of everything we do. The Cisco Security ELA provides an integrated set of tools that allows my existing team to meet our larger mission: transformed digital learning.
    Drew Lane,
    Executive Director of ICT, Shawnee Mission School District
  • The Steadman Clinic: Bridging the communication gap

    Bridging the communication gap

    Using Cisco Spark helped reduce phone charges by 50% for The Steadman Clinic.

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  • BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas: Video pays off

    Video pays off

    Extending video collaboration tools to consumers and corporate clients helps an Italian financial firm compete.

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    Video collaboration helps financial firm compete

    BNL (Gruppo BNP Paribas)

    BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas is seeing better customer satisfaction and retention rates. Streamlined digital processes have boosted productivity among experts. Total sales have risen by 12 percent.

    Case study


    • Reduce business costs
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Make banking easier



    • Better customer satisfaction and retention rates
    • More productivity of experts
    • A 12 percent rise in sales; more cross-selling
  • Helvetia: New paths to innovation

    New paths to innovation

    Removing barriers to innovation and growth with a cost-effective IT model

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    Helvetia insurers push boundaries to find success


    Insurers today must deliver outstanding customer care—faster, cheaper, and better, while seeking innovation at every turn. Helvetia began this journey over a decade ago with help from Cisco solutions.

    Case study


    Digitizing the business to make it even more valuable and accessible to its stakeholders



    • Reduced travel
    • Improved staff productivity and work-life balance
    • Reduced costs
    Seeing the person you're speaking with fosters communication and understanding. And we can do business more efficiently, saving travel cost and time.
    Patrick Scherrer,
    Head of Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions, Helvetia
  • IDFC: Banking on the future

    Banking on the future

    IDFC is changing the banking experience for customers at their 180 banks.

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  • Heritage Bank: Better security in the cloud

    Better security in the cloud

    Heritage Bank safeguards against ransomware and malware with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection.

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    Moving to the cloud with advanced malware protection

    Heritage Bank

    At Heritage Bank, “People First” is more than a motto; it also means keeping their more than 300,000 members and employees protected against the latest threats, like malware and ransomware.

    Case study


    • Securely transition to the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) with greater confidence.
    • Improve visibility and protection against advanced persistent threats, ransomware, and malware.
    • Deploy more effective security without need for additional headcount


    • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints to protect against disruptive and costly attacks like ransomware
    • Cisco Threat Grid to better understand and more deeply analyze the latest threats
    • Cisco Firepower Management Center for improved visibility across the network


    • Saves two workdays per month manually reviewing suspicious emails
    • Better serves customers and employees with secure transition to the cloud and SaaS solutions
    • Fills in security gaps, prioritizes threats, and remediates faster and easier
  • AWNC: Eliminating costly downtime

    Eliminating costly downtime

    A 1.3 million-square-foot factory achieves zero downtime while saving US$1 million dollars in IT maintenance costs.

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  • Wageningen University: A smart use of space

    A smart use of space

    Wageningen University can schedule more classes and accommodate more students with Lone Rooftop’s Classroom Occupancy System (CLOCKS)

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    More students, increased capacity, same space

    Lone Rooftop

    An increase in student registration left Wageningen University scrambling for classrooms. Building intelligence firm Lone Rooftop showed them how to optimize existing space with real-time occupancy data.

    Case study


    • Rapid increase in student registration with limited space to accommodate them
    • No planned investments in building or leasing new education buildings; smarter ways of using available space needed
    • Underutilized classrooms and no-shows (classrooms reserved, but not used), but no way to support this with real-time data; no way to make improvements using data-driven decisions


    • Collaborate with Axians, a Cisco partner, and Scientia, a leader in timetabling for higher education
    • Provide classroom occupancy data, and combine that with timetabling software, to begin the Classroom Occupancy System (CLOCKS) application
    • Install Cisco networking, wireless, and location solutions
    • Implement Lone Rooftop's Position Intelligence Engine (PIE), a platform that calculates the position of people inside buildings primarily based on the existing Wi-Fi network
    • Provide easy access to data to schedule classes efficiently and increase education capacity


    • Full, accurate 24-hour insight into occupancy of classes
    • 15 percent more capacity available to accommodate growing number of students, with no additional investments in real estate
    • No-shows at an all-time low of around 3 to 5 percent, with an industry average of more than 20 percent
    • Implementations of PIE and CLOCKS completed or in process in more than half of the universities in the Netherlands
  • Avanade: Consultants get secure

    Consultants get secure

    Avanade keeps its consultants secure no matter where their work takes them.

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    Avanade earns client trust with state-of-the-art security

    By deploying Cisco Umbrella, Avanade achieves off network protection for consultants and elevates its security posture.



    • Help enable highly mobile consultants to work securely at client sites, on public networks, and in other vulnerable areas around the world that are outside of the corporate network



    • Strengthened protection for employees and clients against malware, ransomware, and other threats
    • Increased visibility into threats and decreased remediation time
    • Achieved fast time-to-value
  • Manx Telecom: Competing on global level

    Island Telecom competes on a global level

    SDN technology and innovation help Island Telecom transform services and connect to businesses around the globe

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  • University of Melbourne: Using analytics on campus

    Using analytics on campus

    Mobile analytics reduces university campus congestion

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    Smart campus ecosystem through Wi-Fi analytics

    University of Melbourne keeps IT in full control securing student and staff access while using mobile analytics to reduce overall campus congestion.

    Case study


    • The leading Australian university wanted to use location-based analytics to:
      • Improve fact-based decision-making
      • Understand how staff, students, and visitors were experiencing the campus
      • Answer tough questions on issues such as building development, sustainability, and engaging prospective students



    • Quality cross-campus mobility experience for occupants and visitors
    • Simplified, automated, secure access for reliable teaching connectivity
    • Insightful, effective decisions on facilities using actual traffic usage patterns
  • ABMU: Reducing paperwork

    Reducing paperwork

    For ABMU, the network is now an integrated part of the business, automatically adjusting to the organization's needs dynamically

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  • Altus: A story of transformation

    A story of transformation

    One man and his company overcomes the challenges of a recession to become Cisco's 2016 LATAM ISV Partner of the Year with Cisco DevNet

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    From rags to riches with Cisco DevNet

    From a cheap motel room to Cisco's LATAM ISV Partner of the Year, one man's story of transformation is both inspiring and encouraging to other developers looking to grow their business.



    • Struggling to differentiate services compared to larger competitors
    • Struggling to provide a better experience for call center managers


    • Cisco Collaboration Dev Center learning and sandboxes
    • Cisco DevNet creations inspiration
    • Cisco Communities for developer collaboration


    • Altus Contact Center Manager Software
    • Differentiation leading to Increased company profit
    • Won Cisco ISV Partner of the Year award for LATAM
  • IHG: Enhancing the way we stay

    Enhancing the way we stay

    IHG Connect, powered by Cisco, is setting new standard for hotel guest Internet experience

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  • Sinclair Holdings: Hotel rooms of tomorrow

    Hotel rooms of tomorrow

    Sinclair holdings establishes digital competencies for tomorrow’s hospitality industry with Cisco technology

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  • vRad: Reduce patient anxiety

    Reduce patient anxiety

    Live video radiology diagnostics reduce patient anxiety while assuring more effective care through face-to-face collaboration.

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  • NJ Police: Connected justice

    Connected Justice

    Safety agencies securely collaborate on emergency response, terrorist activity, and drug and gang interdiction.

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  • Universidad EAFIT: Transforming educational experiences

    Transforming educational experiences

    Universidad EAFIT transforms educational experiences with technology to empower educators and students with connected classroom learning.

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  • UBC: Making Buildings Smart with Data Analytics

    Making Buildings Smart with Data Analytics

    UBC lowers gas emissions and saves energy with the use of mobile data analytics.

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    Making Buildings Smart with Data Analytics

    UBC lowers gas emissions and saves energy with the use of mobile data analytics.



    • Meet some of the most ambitious climate targets for any public organization in the world
    • Save money and improve use of space across a one-million square meter campus
    • Reduce costs and improve licensing efficiency.


    • Digitizing the network with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences to adapt dynamically to use of building by occupants
    • Implement granular digital insights to simplify IT, reduce costs, and maintain optimal guest experiences


    • One of the largest examples of linking Wi-Fi analytics with building control systems worldwide
    • 33 percent lower gas emissions and on target to achieve 67 percent reduction within the next 5 years
    • 5 percent energy savings, rising to between US$200,000 and $400,000 on an annual basis
    Normally we have to fight for 5 percent savings. We have to usually spend a great deal of money to get 5 percent savings.
    Blair Antcliffe,
    Energy Engineer, UBC
  • Copenhagen: 21st Century Citizen Experience

    21st Century Citizen Experience

    Copenhagen reduces the city’s carbon footprint and enriches citizen experiences with digital solutions

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  • NBA: Digital Fandom

    NBA: Digital Fandom

    The NBA is taking the digital fan experience to the next level

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    NBA Digital Fandom: Engaging a Global Audience

    The NBA and Cisco are using innovative digital technology to take the fan experience to the next level. At the stadium, at home, or on the go, fans can now connect and engage better than ever with the teams, players, and each other.



    • Connect and engage sports fans all around the world


    • Cisco Connected Stadium is an end-to-end solution providing a media-ready IP infrastructure


    • With Cisco Sports and Entertainment Solutions, the NBA can:
      • Address evolving market trends and fan needs with next-generation sports and entertainment experiences
      • Bring real-time data and video from the court to audiences around the world
      • Help teams consolidate all forms of access, communications, entertainment, and operations in their arenas to enhance the experience of fans and business customers
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  • Daimler Trucks: Connected assembly

    Connected assembly

    Daimler Trucks uses this network to blend innovation and customer needs into its production.

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    Digital manufacturing powers a better way to build trucks

    Video Thumbnail Image

    With its new Cisco and Rockwell Automation architecture in place, DTNA manages production throughout the plant more effectively using mobile devices and gains real time visibility across processes.

    Case study
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    • Deliver customized vehicles for customers better and faster
    • Control costs by boosting manufacturing efficiency and uptime
    • Improve agility and scalability to support future production needs


    • Pervasive and reliable wireless connectivity throughout factory
    • Converged and easier to manage single plant-to-business network
    • Robust, standards-based security


    • Improved visibility to support business agility and minimize downtime
    • Adoption of new innovative tools on the manufacturing floor
    • Improved mobile communication that maximizes uptime and collaboration
    As we assemble trucks, we produce and collect a massive amount of data to understand where we are during the assembly of the truck. Our new solution lets us provide dashboard information to our management, stay informed about any parts shortages, and know the status of the vehicle in real time at any time during the process.
    Dieter Haban
    CIO, Daimler Trucks North America
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    Whether you’re a team of two or ten, better teamwork happens when you can easily connect.

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  • Instituto Zaldivar: See from miles away

    See from miles away

    This eye doctor consults, face-to-face, with patients hundreds of miles away.

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  • At-Risk Animals

    At-Risk Animals

    There’s never been a better time to join the cause.

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  • GM: The connected car

    GM: The connected car

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    See how GM and Cisco's partnership reinvents and reimagines the experiences you can have with your car.

  • Santana Row: Transforming the customer experience

    Transforming the customer experience

    Learn how Cisco DNA provides real-time insights and analytics to help deliver a better experience for customers at Santana Row

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    Santana Row: Delivering a Better Customer Experience

    Through Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), Santana Row has transformed how customers live, work and play in its properties across the US. Whether Santana’s customers are simply visiting to shop and dine or utilizing office space, the Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Cloud allow them to securely and seamlessly access the network wherever they may venture on-site.



    • Connect and engage with customers
    • Discover valuable insights with WiFi and location analytics
    • Increase revenue opportunities for Santana Row retailers


    • Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Cloud for secure and seamless connectivity to on-premise wireless network


    • Securely and seamlessly connects customers to the network
    • Improved Wi-Fi access everywhere
    • Access to real-time insights about visitors to Santana Row properties
  • Peyton's Story: Making meaningful connections

    Making meaningful connections

    Video conferencing helps one brave girl attend school while receiving cancer treatment 600 miles away.

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    Student stays connected during cancer treatment

    Ten-year-old Peyton Walton used Cisco video conferencing to continue attending class during cancer treatments, helping her stay connected with her school while she fought to become cancer free.

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    • Help get Peyton out of isolation during her cancer treatments
    • Continue Peyton's education no matter where she was
    • Use technology to create and maintain meaningful connections



    • Enhanced Peyton's quality of life during challenging treatments
    • Allowed Peyton to remain in school and graduate fifth grade with the rest of her class
    • Aided Peyton's ability to beat cancer
  • MGM: Connected guest experience

    MGM: Connected guest experience

    MGM T-Mobile arena gives guests an interactive digital experience.

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    MGM T-Mobile arena provides a guest experience like no other

    Video Thumbnail Image

    Cisco StadiumVision and a high-density Wi-Fi platform centrally manages and delivers real-time HD video and digital content to create a truly immersive guest experience.

    Case study


    • Deliver easy-to-use, world-class experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire guests visiting the 20,000 seat arena
    • Simplify operations and create a dynamic environment with a single platform for experience management and delivery
    • Able to personalize real-time communications to a guest during their visits


    • Cisco teamed with MGM to implement Cisco StadiumVision and a high-density Wi-Fi platform in the new arena and surrounding plaza
    • Cisco StadiumVision centrally manages and delivers HD video and digital content to more than 800 displays throughout the arena and plaza, including the exterior mesh
    • More than 550 –access points—with virtual beacons—cover the arena and plaza, extending the connected and interactive experience for guests


    • Delivering guests an extraordinary digital experience
    • Targeted branding and promotional opportunities for the arena and associated partners and sponsors
    • Ability to transform and customize the venue experience to meet the unique needs of 100–150 planned events per year
    The guest experience that is continually evolving with each event at the T-Mobile Arena is unlike anything, anywhere else in the world.
    Randy Dearborn
    VP Media & Entertainment, MGM
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