Collaboration - Annual Report 2005

A New Way - Collaboration
At a patient’s bedside, a hospital nurse checks medication levels using a handheld device and a wireless network. In an operating room, a brain surgeon calls up computerized tomography (CT) scans instantly from a high-speed storage area network. In a snowbound village, a woman gets a pulmonary exam over a broadband telemedicine link, conducted by a specialist 300 miles away. At home, a patient uploads blood chemistry readings directly to her physician. Virtually everywhere, Cisco networking helps enable better care—and healthier lives. Collaborating in real time, auto designers in Japan, assembly technicians in the United States, and component makers worldwide trade data over a Cisco intelligent network. Manufacturing processes are fine-tuned as the car is still taking shape. This network-driven teamwork means a new minivan will debut months earlier than was previously possible. Cost savings can go toward more safety and fuel-efficiency features, with no increase in the sticker price. Which makes for happier customers in the showroom. Closer caregiving and tighter teamwork.
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