Networked Stadium - Annual Report 2007

Left: “Did you catch that play?” (photo: baseball game) Right: Stadium Seating Capacities (in thousands) - 57.4: New York Yankees, 56.0: Washington Nationals, 55.6: New York Mets, 50.5: Toronto Blue Jays, 50.4: Colorado Rockies (chart: stadium seating capacity chart)

Get in on the action—even if you're not actually on the field. When you pass through the gates of the 21st century stadium, you’re immediately connected to an engaging sports experience. Use your handheld device to find your seat, download a program, order food and drinks without getting up, and purchase tickets for future games. View live-action and replay video on your handheld, or on high-definition screens throughout the facility. Get profiles of your favorite players and see what teams are winning games at other stadiums. And when a game isn’t scheduled, the network’s multimedia and mobile capabilities help turn the stadium into a versatile venue for performances and other public events. On and off the field, the network is transforming the sporting life by putting interaction into play.


(photo: mobile phone)

Your electronic ticket entitles you to a lot more than a seat. You’re now linked to the stadium data center.

(photo: man walking through turnstile)

Network-controlled gates and turnstiles help keep foot traffic flowing smoothly—even parking lots are connected.

(photo: digital sign)

Networked digital signs give directions and tell fans about special activities and promotions.

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