Consolidated Statements of Shareholders' Equity - Annual Report 2006

(in millions)

Supplemental Information
In September 2001, the Company’s Board of Directors authorized a stock repurchase program. As of July 29, 2006, the Company’s Board of Directors has authorized an aggregate repurchase of up to $40 billion of common stock under this program. For additional information regarding stock repurchases, see Note 9 to the Consolidated Financial Statements. The purchase price of shares of common stock repurchased was reflected as (i) a reduction to retained earnings until retained earnings are zero and then as an increase to accumulated deficit and (ii) a reduction of common stock and additional paid-in capital. Issuance of common stock and the tax benefit related to employee stock option plans are recorded in shareholders’ equity as an increase to common stock and additional paid-in capital. The stock repurchases since the inception of this program are summarized in the table below (in millions):

See Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements.

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