Cloud Readiness Heat Map

This heat map provides a visual representation of countries ranging from "Cloud Prepared" (shown in dark green color) to "Cloud Emerging" (shown in lighter green color). Upload and download speeds and latency characteristics for each country in the study are given equal value in the readiness calculation, resulting in a general designation of Cloud Prepared or Cloud Emerging. Select any country on the map to see the country metrics for download and upload speeds and latency. You can also switch views between fixed and mobile networks as well as between average and median values.

Heatmap Legend
Cloud Emerging
Cloud Prepared
Not Enough Data
Not enough data currently available

Cloud Emerging to Cloud Prepared

Download (DL) and upload (UL) speeds and latency characteristics are given equal weights for each country and are normalized and ranked. The countries are then displayed on a color-gradient scale simply categorized as Cloud Emerging or Cloud Prepared. The top thirtieth percentile of the countries is categorized as Cloud Prepared.

The median of the network characteristics (DL, UL, and Latency) in a country is the point where half the network characteristics numbers are lower and half the numbers are higher. The average of a network characteristics (DL, UL, and Latency) displayed is the total of those individual network characteristics divided by the number of speed test records in that country. Large differences between the mean and the median typically represent a skew in the distribution of speeds to slower or faster broadband speeds.

An example of a country at the cusp of the Cloud Prepared designation would have the network characteristics of DL: 9,100 kbps; UL: 2,100 kbps; latency: 56 ms. Combinations of higher and lower download speeds, upload speeds, and latency characteristics can also lead to a country being more cloud prepared than others. The weighted score rewards symmetric download and upload speeds and low latencies.