San Francisco, CA
After school, this teenager is ready to jam. But her bandmates live out of state and country. No problem: with multigigabit video conferencing, distance is no barrier to creativity.
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Source: Cisco Consulting Services Research & Economics, 2014-2015 *Note: "Value at Stake” is defined as the potential bottom-line value (higher revenues and lower costs) that can be created or will migrate among companies and industries based on their ability to harness IoE over the next decade (2013-2022).  Estimates are in U.S. dollars.
What is the cBR-8?
Barcelona, Spain
Virtual reality gaming, millions of shows and movies at his fingertips, live sports from multiple angles. The future of home entertainment starts now. This boy can experience it firsthand with multigigabit video streaming in his home.
cBR-8 has enabled an entire household the option to telework, consult with a doctor, learn from a teacher across the globe, stream an immersive soccer game in real time, and compose a song with friends across the world—all at the same time.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
What will multigigabit services mean for you?
Nashville, TN
A new world of amazing IoE experiences in the home—and a total value at stake of more than $1.1 trillion. Start changing the world for your subscribers today with Cisco cBR-8.
New York, NY
The Next Revolution in Internet Is Here
See how Cisco is powering the next revolution in Internet with #cBR8, offering 10x the speed of any other #CCAP
Brisbane, Australia
Toronto, Canada
Onsite Inspector
Seattle, WA
Teleworking — $125B at stake*
This mother is recovering from an injury. By monitoring her condition at home, doctors can reduce her hospital stays and doctor visits, lower healthcare costs, and help her get well faster.
Cisco cBR-8 is the industry’s first Evolved Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP). It will power a new generation of multigigabit broadband services and Internet of Everything (IoE) revenue opportunities with the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.
Connecting Professionals
Connecting professionals by teleworking part time, this architect saves 250 hours of commute time per year.
Multigigabit bandwidth brings the whole world into the your home. Vivid UltraHD video, personalized curricula, and expert teachers across town or across continents are just a click away.
What has the cBR-8 done?
Connected Healthcare — $106B at stake*
Connected Learning — $258B at stake*
Cisco cBR-8 powers life-changing experiences for subscribers by delivering 10x the speed of any other cable access platform available today. See how tomorrow's families engages the world from home in real time, all at once.
Connected Gaming and Entertainment — $634B at stake*
Connected Life — Hobbies and Activities